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It was on October 5, 2022 when CONNECT Partners first started supporting an individual in their own apartment at Cambie Gardens.

Coaches and some of the people we support took some time out of their day on Wednesday to recognize the milestone with some cake and coffee, sandwiches, a slideshow and some memories of the journey so far.

“There are definitely days when I’m tired overwhelmed,” reflected Ayman Momen, Health and Wellness Leader. “But when you have a clear goal or purpose in your work, it somehow nourishes you to keep going.”

Ayman remembers the first few days of move-ins a year ago as full of emotion and uncertainty.

“We’ve definitely come a long way and we should be proud of how far we have come.”

John Sherwood, owner, thanked everyone involved in the project.

“I watch this slide show and see so many photographs of people living their lives in those beautiful apartments. A project like this has never been done before, and we’re doing it. You are all contributing to something very special.”