Redesigning What’s Possible

CONNECT Partners is making lives better with the people we support

CONNECT Partners provides support for individuals with complex needs living in the community. This population includes some medically frail individuals, some with mental health and addictions, and other complex disabilities.

CONNECT Partners was contracted by Vancouver Coastal Health to deliver CONNECT’s Life Redesign Model™ for this population once construction is complete on the Cambie Gardens Apartments. Support will be provided to these individuals in their own homes starting in 2022.

In this first phase, 44 individuals will move into their own homes at Cambie Gardens Apartments, which is located near 52nd and Cambie in Vancouver.

CONNECT Partners supports people in a combination of 6-bedroom, 4-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments.

Connect Partners Logo

CONNECT Partners is dedicated to being a safe, healthy and inclusive place to live and work. We want to create a supportive and inclusive culture among all employees (including students and volunteers) as well as the people we support and their friends and families. We value diversity and aim to eliminate discrimination within our organization. Our aim is to create and foster an environment where each person we support and all employees can feel respected and safe.