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CONNECT Partners is now supporting 11 individuals in three apartments at Cambie Gardens.

We are getting used to communicating between the three apartments and sharing resources. All of the systems and processes we have solidified over the past few weeks are helping to keep things running smoothy in supporting the people living at Cambie Gardens.

Recruitment is an ongoing effort with coaches joining our team every week. We now have more than 65 coaches working with CONNECT Partners as Life Redesign Coaches, Health and Wellness Coaches, as part of the Service Resource Team and in leadership.

Since CONNECT Partners experienced several delays in opening that were out of our control, we lost more than 40% of our trained and oriented staff. We had to hire to build those number back up, but also continue to recruit at a pace to accommodate our move-in schedule. It is going well, but requires a ton of work every week. We happily welcomed eight new Life Redesign Coaches this week. Education, Orientation and Training remains a huge focus for our team.

Lucy Liu, Physical Coach, held her first Movement Support Group, a team of Life Redesign Coaches learning, innovating and supporting programs to enhance quality of life for the people we support. All of our professional coaches are working on this kind of hands-on learning, which is a two-way street because our coaches can provide feedback and knowledge too.

We are working on some online learning, which will be rolled out later in December. Stay tuned for more info.